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Also, this is my 99th post on this blog! Just saying.



All Good Things Must Come to an End

You probably already know what this post is about just by the title, and the post I made about “taking a break.”

Well, I have made a decision.

Sooner then I thought I would, but I have made the decision that I am finished with this blog.

This is not a big surprise to me as I knew that I was going to be finished soon, but now that I have actually made the decision, it feels like a big heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Because you know what? A blog should not feel like a burden. If it feels like a burden, it is not something that you should keep on doing if you don’t have to. It should be something you enjoy, and it is not that for me anymore.

I am not too old for dolls. Never, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever will I be too old for dolls. Never ever ever will I believe that. What I do believe though, is that it is not my thing anymore. And that is ok. Absolutely, positively, totally alright. You should never feel obliged to keep on doing something, even if it is going to make some people sad, if it is not your thing. There are exceptions, obviously, but as far as it goes with blogging, this is true. So lets use this as encouragement to everybody else out there who might be struggling with this too, trying to decide whether or not they might be done also, if you are done you are done and don’t feel bad for one second because this is your life, don’t waste it doing stuff that feels like a burden, if it is not necessary! And it is not necessary for you to keep on doing a blog if you don’t want to! I cannot stress this enough!

Thank you for all the awesome memories, my lovely readers, I will miss each and every one of you! You have all been amazing, I have not once gotten a mean hater comment, and I want to give a shoutout to some of my lovely commenters who made my day with each word.

Julia, Carli, Christian Homeschooler, AJ, Sunshine&Pinterest, Abigail, lillybean187, Nonna, Lydia, CutePolarBear, Dolly, Aqua, Loren, Doll Daydreams, Hope Harmen, Ellie H, Linda Reynolds, Bianca L, Jodie, Josie, Madison, AG Chick, and there are so many others that I couldn’t even name 🙂

I hopefully have some other good news to post about soon if it works out! So do keep an eye out for that. For now though, this is the end of my Doll Blogging Adventures. Thank you all so much again 🙂 Love you all!


P.S. Thank you so much especially to Carli from American Girl Northwest for her beautiful post on her blog, which you can see here:

It really helped me to make my decision without guilt 🙂

Note from the Editor-Taking a Break

Hello readers! Emma here!

So for those of you who have noticed, I haven’t been posting very often, and I actually do have a good reason for that. I have been thinking about taking a break from blogging for a while, not too long but probably a month or so, and the reason for that is I feel like I am slowly losing interest in my dolls, I don’t think I ever will completely, but I haven’t been able to think of good ideas for posting, I haven’t been inspired, just honestly haven’t been interested. So I’m going to take this break as an experiment to see if I miss it a lot and want to go back, or if I feel like my doll blogging days are over-ish.

If I do decided that I’m done, I won’t stop completely, I will try to do a few posts each month and I’m going to try to go ahead with this photostory series that I have planned, but who knows if that will happen as I have been busier lately.

And, as an inspiring note to other doll bloggers out there who feel like their doll blogging days are over too, I want to take this chance to say, if you feel done, its completely ok. It is your life, I don’t think that you should feel totally obligated to keep on doing it if it’s just not your thing anymore. There will be a day for most of us, not all of us but most of us, where the dolls will take back seat in our lives and we just won’t be as interested anymore! AND THIS IS COMPLETELY OK! If it’s not your thing, don’t feel like it has to be. I still believe that nobody is too old for dolls, and nobody should let anybody else tell them that they are. And I don’t want you guys to think that think that I am too old for dolls, because I’m not. That will never be true. It’s just that I’m slowly losing interest, the way that a girl might lose interest in her pink frilly bedroom and want to go on to something that is more her type. It’s not that she’s too old for pink, that would be ridiculous, it’s that people’s taste changes. Now one thing that I will say, if you are planning on stopping blogging about your dolls, make sure to post about your decision and don’t leave your readers hanging, wondering where you went/if you died/if you will ever be coming back. Making sure that they know about it is important.

So before I end this post, if I do stop blogging about dolls someday, I would absolutely love to take up a personal blog and that would most likely happen. And I would still post on this one every noun then, because I’m not planning on selling my doll stuff at all, that will be passed on to my daughters.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will talk to you later! If you have questions, leave them in the comments below.

All my love!


Q&A With Emma

Hi readers! Emma here!

This week’s Q&A is a little earlier but I wont be able to post much for the rest of the week, if at all. So lets get started 🙂

Have you read all of the GOTY books? What one(s) is your favorite of the ones you have read? ~Christian Homeschooler 

I have not read all of them, I think all that I have read are the Isabelle, Saige, Kanani, and Nicki ones. My favorites are all of the ones except Nicki, she wasn’t my favorite. I LOVE all the rest though, especially Saige! I think AG did an amazing job with her uniqueness.

What is your favorite Historical Character book series(of the ones you’ve read)? ~Christian Homeschooler

Probably Felicity, they are so sweet!

Only two questions this time, but I will hopefully have a *VERY LATE* Christmas post up later, about what we got…better late then never, right? D:  That will happen either today or in the next week. We have company so that’s why I’m not posting as often 🙂

Thanks for reading! L:eave your questions down below!


Winner of the Giveaway

Hey readers!

So I know that I said that I was going to be returning the book for the giveaway ‘since it wasn’t very exciting, but it turns out that I havent gotten around to it since I’ve been pretty busy, and it is now too late to return it….. 😥

But hopefully the winner will enjoy it anyways 🙂

So now, the winner of the Innerstar U book, Greatest Mistakes, is……


Congrats! I don’t have your email, so if you could email me claiming your prize that would be awesome. My email address is in the “contact us” page. If I don’t get a response within a week then a new winner will be chosen. Thank you all for entering!



Hey readers, Emma here!

So in the past I have typically stuck with all the dolls more in “real life”, like the era we are in now…2015. But…..I decided to do a photostory, like one that doesn’t have to do with Saige and Felicity or Kit and Clayre, they will all be different characters with different names acting out a story! For example, look here:

She has awesome photostories that inspired me to do my own, though don’t worry I wont be copying her ideas since that’s not right 😉  I’m sure you have all read Seismic girl, that was awesome too! Carli at American Girl Northwest is the one that got me inspired to do my own, so thanks to her for that!

I’m still thinking about what my theme will be, but I do have a couple ideas. And the fun part is….you get to help me decide! Vote on the poll below for what you think would make the best theme for a photostory 🙂 Not many ideas but I don’t want to be overwhelmed by possibilities. You can also leave a comment below if you have a unique idea that you would like me to see.

Thanks for reading! I will have a poster up soon for the photostory once the theme is decided.


Q&A With Emma

Hey readers! Emma here!

Sorry this Q&A is late, but better late then never 😉

Let’s get started!

What’s your fav type of cheese? ~AJ

Any type of sharp cheddar! Like the fancy stuff you get at Trader Joe’s that ISN’T neon orange.

Who is your fav Duck Dynasty character? ~AJ

JACE! I’ve only watched about 3 but they are so funny and Jace is so sarcastic….

Meatballs or pasta? ~AJ

Ummmm….meatballs AND pasta? 😀 Ok I’ll say Pasta.

What is your favorite ice skating move? ~AJ

I’m gonna go with the Death Spiral. Sounds deathly…..but it’s really pretty! Or basically anything do to with couple skating.

What food do you hate the most? ~Lydia

Oatmeal 😛

Salty or sweet? ~Lydia

Salty! Sweet gets tiring very quickly.

Frozen or Tangled? ~Lydia

Tangled! I love it 😀

So there are my answers, leave a comment down below asking as many questions as you like and I’ll answer them next week!

Have a fantabulamisticmazing day!