All Good Things Must Come to an End

You probably already know what this post is about just by the title, and the post I made about “taking a break.” Well, I have made a decision. Sooner then I thought I would, but I have made the decision that I am finished with this blog. This is not a big surprise to me […]

Q&A With Emma

Hi readers! Emma here! This week’s Q&A is a little earlier but I wont be able to post much for the rest of the week, if at all. So lets get started 🙂 Have you read all of the GOTY books? What one(s) is your favorite of the ones you have read? ~Christian Homeschooler  I […]

Winner of the Giveaway

Hey readers! So I know that I said that I was going to be returning the book for the giveaway ‘since it wasn’t very exciting, but it turns out that I havent gotten around to it since I’ve been pretty busy, and it is now too late to return it….. 😥 But hopefully the winner […]


Hey readers, Emma here! So in the past I have typically stuck with all the dolls more in “real life”, like the era we are in now…2015. But…..I decided to do a photostory, like one that doesn’t have to do with Saige and Felicity or Kit and Clayre, they will all be different characters with […]

Q&A With Emma

Hey readers! Emma here! Sorry this Q&A is late, but better late then never 😉 Let’s get started! What’s your fav type of cheese? ~AJ Any type of sharp cheddar! Like the fancy stuff you get at Trader Joe’s that ISN’T neon orange. Who is your fav Duck Dynasty character? ~AJ JACE! I’ve only watched […]