My Thoughts on Grace Edwards

Hello readers! Felicity speaking!

Here are my thoughts on Grace Edwards, the GOTY for 2015, and her collection.


So the doll I think is pretty and I like her bangs a lot. I’m glad she has Josefina’s face mold, though I do wish that her freckles were placed a little less fake-ly (I just made up that word 😀 )

So here are a few of my favorite things from her collection. Most of it I don’t like, but there are a couple items.


I like the design of this coat, a houndstooth would be much more paris-appropriate, something like this…



This is a really sweet little dog, the bow by it’s ear is a little odd as I can tell you from personal experience that it is very hard to get a bow on a dogs ear and have it stay…haha 😀


DUHHH!! Of course I really like this! 😀 Way Way  Way  Way  Way  Way Way  Way  Way  Way  Way  Way  Way  Way  Way  Way  Way  Way  Way  Way  Way WAY too much money, but its still really sweet 🙂


This is adorable! I’ve been waiting for a stand mixer!!!

So honestly that is all that I like from her collection, I think that they used too much pink and blue, because when you think of Paris, you think red and black and white, right? Apparently AG doesnt think so. But hoepfully other girls like it better then I do 😀 I doubt that I will be buying anything as there are much cuter items on Etsy in my opinion, but leave a comment below telling me what YOU like!

Thanks for reading!



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