Note From the Editor-Two Awards!

Hi readers! Emma here! I got nominated for two awards, the first one is from Lydia of Peanut Butter Girl, who can see her awesome blog here: and the other is from Carli at American girl Northwest, and you can see her awesome blog here: So actually, I got the same award form two different […]

Note From The Editor-GAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! AKA There’s no Place Like Home, P.S This Is The Longest Title Ever

Well, I didn’t really know what else to call this post, so there you have it. As you have (hopefully!!!!) noticed, the picture at the top is different, and also, if you have visited this site within the last half hour, it probably looked really different…and it might have scared you…well, it scared me at least! […]

Note From The Editor-The Sunshine Award!

Hi Readers! Emma here! I just got nominated for the sunshine award by American Girl Northwest, (you can check out her awesome blog here, So I get to nominate some other people, state 5 facts about myself, and answer her questions! Yay! These are 5 facts about myself 1. I like watching scary movies. 2. […]