All Good Things Must Come to an End

You probably already know what this post is about just by the title, and the post I made about “taking a break.”

Well, I have made a decision.

Sooner then I thought I would, but I have made the decision that I am finished with this blog.

This is not a big surprise to me as I knew that I was going to be finished soon, but now that I have actually made the decision, it feels like a big heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Because you know what? A blog should not feel like a burden. If it feels like a burden, it is not something that you should keep on doing if you don’t have to. It should be something you enjoy, and it is not that for me anymore.

I am not too old for dolls. Never, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever will I be too old for dolls. Never ever ever will I believe that. What I do believe though, is that it is not my thing anymore. And that is ok. Absolutely, positively, totally alright. You should never feel obliged to keep on doing something, even if it is going to make some people sad, if it is not your thing. There are exceptions, obviously, but as far as it goes with blogging, this is true. So lets use this as encouragement to everybody else out there who might be struggling with this too, trying to decide whether or not they might be done also, if you are done you are done and don’t feel bad for one second because this is your life, don’t waste it doing stuff that feels like a burden, if it is not necessary! And it is not necessary for you to keep on doing a blog if you don’t want to! I cannot stress this enough!

Thank you for all the awesome memories, my lovely readers, I will miss each and every one of you! You have all been amazing, I have not once gotten a mean hater comment, and I want to give a shoutout to some of my lovely commenters who made my day with each word.

Julia, Carli, Christian Homeschooler, AJ, Sunshine&Pinterest, Abigail, lillybean187, Nonna, Lydia, CutePolarBear, Dolly, Aqua, Loren, Doll Daydreams, Hope Harmen, Ellie H, Linda Reynolds, Bianca L, Jodie, Josie, Madison, AG Chick, and there are so many others that I couldn’t even name 🙂

I hopefully have some other good news to post about soon if it works out! So do keep an eye out for that. For now though, this is the end of my Doll Blogging Adventures. Thank you all so much again 🙂 Love you all!


P.S. Thank you so much especially to Carli from American Girl Northwest for her beautiful post on her blog, which you can see here:

It really helped me to make my decision without guilt 🙂


12 thoughts on “All Good Things Must Come to an End

  1. I am so sad to see you and Carli go. I’ll miss you. I know this was a tough decision. But it’s okay. All of my dolls and I want to wish you farewell and good luck in the world of Earth.
    I’ll miss you!
    ~ Hope
    Why just why nooooooooooooo
    My life has ended
    Felicity is over dramatic. A that is all I have to say.
    Thank you for what you have given us in the time that you you were still blogging.
    I never agreed with you anyway. Dolls are little kid toys.
    All my sisters are Cray except maybe Hope. but still it doesn’t matter what other people think I love you. Good Bye.


  2. I will definitely miss you, Emma! I always enjoyed reading your posts. They were always so fun. It’s so sad to see you and Carli leave, but I do agree-blogging should be fun, not a chore. I’d love it, though, if you would still read and comment on other blogs to stay in the doll blogging world. Thanks for being part of the blogging world! 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

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    • Thank you so much 🙂 I will definitely keep reading other doll blogs, I do still enjoy swing other people’s creativity, and this means I will have more time for commenting on other blogs too, which I didn’t do very much of 😛 thank you for your kind words, I appreciate all of you 🙂

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