Winner of the Giveaway

Hey readers! So I know that I said that I was going to be returning the book for the giveaway ‘since it wasn’t very exciting, but it turns out that I havent gotten around to it since I’ve been pretty busy, and it is now too late to return it….. 😥 But hopefully the winner […]

Giveaway Update

Hey readers! Emma here! So today would have been the day to pick the winner for the giveaway, except that when the book that I was giving away came in the mail a few days ago, it turned out to not be at all what I thought it was. Apparently it’s a book all about […]

American Girl Book Giveaway!

Hi readers! Felicity here! Today we have a new giveaway for the American Girl Innerstar U book, Greatest Mistakes. To enter the giveaway, comment down below saying what your favorite Christmas cookie is. For extra entries, do these: -Follow my blog +10 -Like this post. You can only like a post if you have a […]

Giveaway Announcement!

Hello Readers! Felicity speaking! So we decided that once we get 25 followers, (we are at 18 at the time) we will have a giveaway from American Girl! Not sure quite what yet, and it wont be something huge, but something fun and cute:) And you will get to help choose! So, if you have […]