Q&A With Emma

Hi readers! Emma here! This week’s Q&A is a little earlier but I wont be able to post much for the rest of the week, if at all. So lets get started 🙂 Have you read all of the GOTY books? What one(s) is your favorite of the ones you have read? ~Christian Homeschooler  I […]

Q&A With Emma

Hey readers! Emma here! Sorry this Q&A is late, but better late then never 😉 Let’s get started! What’s your fav type of cheese? ~AJ Any type of sharp cheddar! Like the fancy stuff you get at Trader Joe’s that ISN’T neon orange. Who is your fav Duck Dynasty character? ~AJ JACE! I’ve only watched […]

Q&A With Emma

Hey readers! I decided to write up a Q&A post, hope you enjoy! Fav Liberties Kids charecter? ~AJ I have actually no idea what liberty kids is…so…my answer is PURPLE!!! 😀 Fav iceskating movie? ~AJ This I can answer, I loved Ice Castles. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but I remember really liking it! What is […]

I’m Still Alive

Hello reader! Emma here! So just to let you know, I did not die, I know its been a while since I’ve updated but hopefully I can get a post up today! I have one ready, I just need to write it 😉 I might do a Q&A too, we’ll see! ~Emma

Q&A With Emma-Favorite Doll???????

Hi beautiful readers! Emma here! Today we are having a Q&A so lets get started 🙂 Out of all your dolls, which is your favorite? -Lydia I knew this one was coming 😀 Im going to be honest and say Saige, she’s my newest (actually next Wednesday is my one-year anniversary of having her!!!!!!) and so of course shes […]

Q&A With Us

Hi readers! Emma here! We only got one question for the Q&A but I’ll still answer it anyways, and you can leave another question in the comments below for next week! Is your background custom or not?~Christian Homeschooler  All of my backgrounds are actually just images that i have found on google, like for this […]