Meet Us

‘Sup! We are the dollies of Creamsicle street and this is where you can meet and get to know us better! We will be updating this page with more profiles ASAP so stay tuned!



Meet: Saige

Emma camera 214

Full name: Saige Piper Copeland

Fave color: Rainbow

BFF: Cecile

Hobbies: Painting, dolls, decorating, fundraising, crafting, reading, watching movies

Interests: Horses, dog training, the outdoors, hot air balloons

Fave Meal: Enchiladas, Lemonade, Mexican snowball cookies

Least fave food: Chocolate and oatmeal

Fave animal: My old horse, Picasso, and big dogs

Age: 10

Pet peeve: When people call food famous-example, “Grandma’s famous apple pie.”

Personality: Saige loves to help others out whenever she can, has a very sweet spirit, and is grumpy in the morning. She is very outgoing and friendly to total strangers, and will often give hugs for no reason at all.


Meet: Felicity

Emma camera 248

Full Name: Felicity Pearl Copleland

Fave color: Lavender

BFF: I don’t have one because that doesn’t seem fair, but my VERY VERY good friend is Clayre, and of course my sister Saige

Hobbies: Sketching, dancing, yoga, horseback riding, sewing, writing, cooking

Interests: Horses, interior decorating, photography

Fave Meal: French toast, Orange Juice, and bacon

Least Fave Food: Yams

Fave animal: Horses and pygmy goats

Age: 12

Pet Peeve: Wearing hoods or sunglasses in the house

Personality: Felicity is very sweet and kind to everyone and you can count on her to never hold a grudge. She is very trustworthy and dependable. If you need help for any reason at any time, she is there. Except for the middle of the night when your sister wakes you up because her phone ran out of battery and she wants to use yours. Cough, Saige, cough!


Meet: Kit

Emma camera 302

Full Name: Kathurin Margo Kittredge (My parents like to spell our names funny)

Fave Color: Orange…BTW I DO NOT LIKE PINK!!!!

BFF: Rachel

Hobbies: Gardening, photography, making snowmans, (Note from Felicity: I told her snowmans wasn’t a word, she insisted it was)reading comic books, watching TV, and writing, gymnastics

Interests: History and science, biographies, planes, Amelia Earhart

Fave Meal: Fruit salad, toast with butter, tomato soup, and hot coco

Least Fave Food: Oatmeal

Fave Animal: Big dogs, llamas

Age: 11

Pet Peeve: My sister! Just kidding, I don’t like biting into fruit and then figuring out it’s unripe and gross.

Personality: Kit is very fun to be around, rambunctious, and hyper 24/7. She can very easily lose her temper and say things that she really doesn’t mean, but you can’t help but forgive her when she says she is sorry! She gets on sugar highs very easily so she cant have very many sweet things. When she does, she LITERALLY bounces off of walls, no kidding.


Meet: Clayre

Emma camera 147

Full Name: Clayre Brennan Izabel Kittredge

Fave Color: Royal blue, black

BFF: Felicity

Hobbies: Painting my nails, calling my friends, texting, running

Interests: Anything punk, Chinese anime, fashion

Fave Meal: Salmon, pasta, and baguette

Least Fave Food: Corndogs

Fave Animal: Tiger

Age: 13

Pet Peeve: Balloons. Just…why?

Personality: Clayre is very punkish, hilarious, and an awesome friend. She loves to be close to people and will get depressed if she is left alone without at least a cat, for more than 27 minutes. Yes, 27, its been scientifically proved. By Clayre.


Meet: Rachel

Emma camera 257

Full Name: Rachel Melody Yuang

Fave Color: Green

BFF: Kit

Hobbies: Jewelry Making, scrapbooking, gardening, traveling, pandas

Interests: Diaries. outdoors, fundraising, butterflies, all animals, nature, pandas

Fave Meal: Salad, Baguette, and smoothie

Least Fave Food: Turnips

Fave Animal: Pandas, which are also the most endangered animal! Noooo!

Age: 13

Pet Peeve: People who don’t care about the earth…you know, littering, graffiti…

Personality: Rachel is very eco friendly and green,  and very social. She can be a little shy at first, but once you get to know her she is very sweet and considerate


Meet: Cecile

Emma camera 017

Full Name: Cecile Carnation “Carney” Ray


BFF: Saige

Hobbies: Singing, drawing, shopping, clothes, playing dress up, performing plays

Interests: PINK!!!!!! Fashion and French baking, too

Fave Meal: Calmari and shrimp with lobster sauce, red rice, and baby spinach, cranberry cordial, and chocolate pots de crème

Least fave food: Broccoli

Fave Animal: Kittens and small white fluffy dogs

Age: 10

Pet Peeve: When people pretend that they didn’t hear you.

Personality: Cecile is very girly and feminine, loves all things pink and ruffly:) She is very open and friendly, very dramatic, and loves to be the center of attention, too. She is very adventurous, but doesn’t get to use that part of her very often because her parents are very protective of their only child.



These are the “Fudgesicles”. They are our friends but they don’t live on Creamsicle street, so they wont get featured that often…they are still AWESOME dollies though! We heart you!


Meet: Emily


Full Name: Emily Jane Anns

Fave Color: Light blue

BFF: Samantha

Hobbies: Sports, arts and crafts, messing around on the computer

Interests: Science and programming

Fave Meal: Pizza, donuts, and sprite

Least Fave Food: When I make oatmeal instead of mom:)

Fave Animal: King Charles Cavlier Spaniel

Age: 13

Pet Peeve: When you microwave food then take it out and take a bite but its still cold

Personality: Emily is very sporty, friendly, and she loves to make new friends. She is very helpful but is very grumpy when she is tired or hungry


Meet: Samantha


Full Name: Samantha Joy Parkington

BFF: Emily Jane

Hobbies: Climbing trees, playing outside, writing, pretending to be Emily Jane since we look so much alike…we fool a lot of people!

Interests: Tap dance, old cars

Fave Meal: Peppermint ice cream and petite fours

Least Fave Food: Spinach

Fave Animal: Small dogs

Age: 12 1/2

Pet Peeve: When Marie Grace scolds her

Personality: Sam is very outdoorsy, generous, optimistic, and easy to get to know. She is very shy around grown ups, though.


Meet: Marie Grace


Full Name: Marie Grace Ann Gardner

Fave Color: Pink

BFF: I don’t have one, but I’m pretty close with Cecile

Hobbies: Making cards and singing, children

Interests: Dance, children

Fave Meal: Beignets

Least Fave Food: Eggs

Fave Animal: Kitties

Age: 14

Pet Peeve: When someone leaves a door open in the winter

Personality: MG is shy until you get to know her, is very motherly and loves children, but can be bossy. She is grumpy anytime before 10:30 and will give you the glare if you tell her to do anything she doesn’t want to do before then.











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