Q&A With Emma-Favorite Doll???????

Hi beautiful readers! Emma here!

Today we are having a Q&A so lets get started 🙂

Out of all your dolls, which is your favorite? -Lydia

I knew this one was coming 😀 Im going to be honest and say Saige, she’s my newest (actually next Wednesday is my one-year anniversary of having her!!!!!!) and so of course shes pretty special and still new-looking at the time. 

What are your thoughts on BeForever? -Lydia

I like it, the only problem I have is I wish that the merchandise was more real-to-date colors, and (duh) that they didn’t feel a need to take the Best Friends away. 

What is your favorite brand of doll? If it’s AG, what’s your next favorite? -CutePolarBear

Its definitely AG, but next would be Karito Kids. Rachel is one, my Grandma gave her to me 2 years ago, they are really really pretty dolls, they look very realistic. Here are a few. 




Aren’t they lovely?

Have you ever heard of or watched Blimey Cow?-Christian Homeschooler

Yes I have! I love to watch them! He’s really funny 😀 

Do you play any instruments?-Christian Homeschooler

I play piano and am teaching my brothers, but I would really love to play guitar 🙂

P.S. Thanks for the award Christian Homeschooler, I already got the award so I wont be posting the same thing again since it isnt different questions, but thanks for nominating me! 😀

Thanks for reading! Dont forget to leave as many questions as you want below, and I’ll answer them next week!

Have a fantabulamisticmazing day!



4 thoughts on “Q&A With Emma-Favorite Doll???????

  1. What is your overall favorite Historical Character?(mine is Samantha)
    What is your favorite AG movie?
    It is so cool that you like Blimey Cow! I love watching it with my sisters. And those Karito Kids are adorable dolls! And they do look really realistic. Although I don’t think most girls have bangs.


  2. I have bangs! 🙂 But most girls don’t you are right. I really like these doll’s bangs because I’ve had Rachel for 2 or 3 years and hers are still not at all frizzy. Quite amazing! Most AG doll’s bangs would be frizzy by then.


    • Yes, actually I do too. 🙂 But I notice that all the My AG dolls that AG makes now don’t have bangs. Actually, the last GOTY to have bangs was Lanie, and she has partial bangs. She was 2010’s GOTY
      Really? Do AG doll bangs get frizzy? It seems like all dolls wouldn’t usually get frizzy bangs, because they don’t really get touched at all.


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