Fashion With Felicity, a Little bit of Plaid -Plus an Update

Hi readers! Felicity here!

So first the update, then we’ll get to the real post, Emma’s Dad still needs to do a few things with the computer before we can get back to writing real posts with pictures (so sorry this is taking so long 😦 ) But that will happen soon, so keep your eyes peeled for a “Back to Normal” post!

So this month’s Fashion with Felicity is based on party outfits. Whether for Christmas day, a church gathering, or a family reunion, there are lots of options! First we have the simple party outfit that works for anything.




The plaid in this outfit gives it a nice wintry look and doesn’t make it too froo-froo and fancy, and the sparkle in the tank gives it a nice girly touch.

Now for the Christmas Day or Fancy party outfit:





The black leather and chain necklace make this look less little-girly but still fun and pretty. If there is too much black for your taste, you can trade it out for a silver or gold cardigan and flats.

So there you have two good ideas for outfits for the Christmas season! Hope you enjoyed 🙂


P.S. Don’t forget to enter he giveaway for the American Girl Doll book!


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