Q&A with Emma

Hi readers! Emma here!

So about 3 MONTHS ago…(yes i know, don’t judge me…) I had promised a Q&A video, and since then I have been trying to figure out why it wont let me load videos onto WordPress. I just recently figured out that I need to pay money to upgrade to something that will let me use videos, as far as I know, so I am just going to answer them without using a video.

What camera do you use? ~Carli

I started out using my own little pink digital camera, but the picture quality really wasn’t great so I have started using my mom’s  Canon PowerShot SX20 IS. Its a great camera, I really like it, and I am much more satisfied with the picture quality then with my own camera. 

How long have you wanted a blog? ~Carli

I began thinking about it when I was 12, so I asked my dad, and he said I could get one when I was 13, so this year on my birthday I started working on it:)

Do you have any pets? ~Carli

We have one dog,  Toby, two parakeets, Poppy and Tiki, and a lizard, Wizard. 

What doll do you want next? ~Lanie Holland 

I am actually not planning on getting any more dolls, I am satisfied with the ones I have and my Dad was too, haha, as he said that I could get one more last year and I bought Saige with my money a little while before Christmas. If I were to get any others though, it would have to be this one: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/set/id/1680/uid/86

She is one of the least popular dolls according to AG, which is very shocking as she is SO gorgeous, I love the contrast in her eye and hair color.

Which GOTY do you regret not getting most?~Lanie Holland

I think that would have to be Lanie, I love how she is kind of different from the others with her side swept bangs. And all of her stuff was awesome. I also really loved Chrissa’s friend Sonali, if she can be counted as a GOTY. 

What do you want the next GOTY to be named ?
What do you want the next GOTY to be famous for?
What do you want the next GOTY to look like? (E.t.c. freckles, brown hair, long hair, dark skin)
Since I was a GOTY myself I want to know what you think! ~Lanie Holland

I would love for her to be an Eskimo kind of doll who lived in Alaska, her name might be Ahana or Akna as those are both Inuit names, a certain tribe of people who live in Alaska or Greenland. I would love her to do sled racing or something to do with huskies. She would have long-long-long straight black hair, like down to her knees, and side swept bangs, almond shaped brown eyes, and freckles. Her outift would have to be something furry and warm, of course. I think that AG could have so much fun with this doll! Picture a doll version of this Inuit girl:


Pretty, right?

what is your fave animal? ~Dandelions and Daises

This is rather specific, but I love baby snow leopards. I mean look at them!!!! 



There ya go!

Leave your other questions below, and I will answer them next week! Thanks for reading!



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