The Surprise Party pt. 3

Hello readers! Felicity speaking! Her is part three to Saige’s surprise birthday party! Let’s get started.

Blog 079

The next morning, when all the decorations were set up, we began to carry out the presents and the punch, cake, etc. I let Clayre carry out the cake because, knowing me, I would probably drop it…

Clayre: Now Sombrita, don’t you even think about eating this cake. Your mother put a lot of hard work into it, along with sweat and tears, and we don’t want it to be ruined. And what is that evil look all about?

Blog 081

Clayre went back to the kitchen where I was getting the ice cream. I looked in the freezer, but it wasn’t there. “Clayre? Where is the ice cream?”

Clayre: “Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, I brought it to a zoo in France.”

Felicity: Huh?

Clayre: I was kidding! Probably in the freezer silly!

Felicity: It’s not!

Clayre: Look in the fridge.

Felicity: But I put it in the freeze….

I opened the fridge and there was the container of my nice homemade ice cream, all melted and gross.

Blog 086


Clayre: Oh no! Why is it in the fridge?

Felicity: I thought I put it in the freezer, I guess I was just being spacey and put it in the fridge instead.

Clayre: Well, I guess we wont have any ice cream. That’s no big deal, we have cake.

Felicity: Cake slop.

Clayre: Ha, I would eat it. Sometimes cake slop is the best cake. It soaks up more icing.

Felicity: Ew…

Blog 088

I set it on the counter, spilling some on the floor.

Felicity: Ugh, I’ll clean that up later.

Blog 082

We set the punch down, at least I knew that was edible.

I hear the kitchen door open, and assumed it was Clayre. Little did I know, it was Saige, humming to herself, with a secret of her own. Little did she know, the melted sludge that was on the floor.

Blog 098

Blog 099

Blog 100

I heard a screech…

Blog 103

And ran into the kitchen.

Blog 106

Felicity: Saige, what are you doing here? I thought that you were with Cecile?

Saige: What are you doing here? I thought that you were with Clayre for a sleepover?

Felicity: No, Clayre is here for a sleepover. She came last night.

Saige: Well, I need to tell you something, and I should have told you a while ago. Let’s go to the living room.

Felicity: Well, um, no, you cant really go in there.

Saige: Why not? Ok, I’m just gonna tell you here, then please take care of my ankle. I think its twisted. I planned a surprise birthday party for mom since it is in a few days, but I need help!


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