The Surprise Party pt. 2

Hello readers! Felicity speaking! Let’s continue from where we left off: You can read part one below this post.

Blog 039

We took the cake out off the oven after it was finished baking and let it cool for a nice long time. Meanwhile, we mixed up a recipe for pumpkin frosting. Once it was finished cooling, I turned it upside down onto the cake platter, hoping for the best.

Blog 042

Blog 045

I gasped as I took the pan off of the cake. What happened?

“CLAYRE!! LOOK!!! I ruined Saige’s birthday cake. It’s all cracked up and broken and…and…well…Mum trusted me to do a good job and I blew it!” I fell into her arms in sobs.

Blog 062

Clayre: It’s ok Felicity, look…I’m sure that your mum has done the same thing once in her life if not more, so she will understand. And besides, its not at all your fault. I’m sure that we can fix it.

Felicity: I doubt it.

Clayre: Well, let’s take a look!

We went back to the cake and tried to match the broken pieces to each other.

Blog 055

Felicity: Well, I guess it might look better, hopefully the frosting will be thick enough to cover the rest up!

Clayre: That’s the spirit!

Blog 069

But, out of all my luck, the frosting was so thin it was icing.

Blog 070

Felicity: Clayre, look. It’s hideous.

Clayre: Nothing some rainbow sprinkles can’t handle!

Felicity: Saige does love rainbow sprinkles.

Blog 071

Clayre: See! It doesn’t look professional but it doesn’t look hideous anymore!

Felicity: Well, I appreciate your honesty, but Clayre, that is a LOT of rainbow sprinkles! And boy, do I hope that this cake isn’t how everything else is going to turn out.

Expect part 3 fairly soon! Thanks for reading!



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