Fashion With Felicity: Halloween

Hi Dollies! Felicity speaking!

So it’s time for another “Fashion With Felicity” post, and this month’s focus is going to be Halloween costumes! Yay! Me and Saige love dressing up with our friends, so we are going to give you all Halloween costume ideas so that you will be nice and prepped for when the day comes! Enjoy!


Minnie mouse is a traditional costume, and it it so adorable too! Look for doll-sized items at the bottom of this post to help you make all of these costumes:)


Tinker bell would be so much fun to dress up in, especially of you get to wear slippers while you walk around the neighborhood trick-or-treating!


Really, what could be more fun then a nerdy Ariel? Saige could totally pull this off with her red hair and love of anything nerd!


Rachel is thinking about going as this Indian girl, as she likes anything historical and she looks quite a lot like the girl in this picture.


How about Rosie the Riveter? A traditional American icon, you can’t help but feel patriotic wearing this fun costume!


I have seen Mary Poppins popping (haha) up all over the place for costumes! And it is such a cute and easy costume idea, I’m sure you would get plenty of compliments on your creativeness!

So now that I have given you some ideas, here are some pieces that I have found to help you create your masterpiece!


For Minnie mouse, and you dont have to use the scarf either. This is $25 here:


Add these *adorable* sneakers from Release Rain, along with some homemade ears and a tail, maybe some black leggings, and you are good to go! These are $8 here:


This is the whole costume for Tinkerbell, so if you wanted it to be homemade, then you could always make a little green dress yourself, because there really wasn’t much in choices for green dresses! Add some pom poms to the shoes and it will be perfect:)




All of the items above make up the nerdy ariel costume, and you can add suspenders from black tape, the Bitty Baby nerd glasses from American Girl, (which fit 18 inch dolls just fine, by the way) and a few other accessories to make it your own. You can find all of these items here:



Both of these are awesome outfits, but I like the Pocahontas one at the top best beacuse it is from one my favrotie blog’s owner’s etsy shops, Bitty Beainies! (YOu cna see her blog here: You can get both of these here:




All of the above, put with a pair of jeans, make the Rosie the Riveter costume. You can find them all here:





And here is your Mary Poppins outfit! Add a red bowtie at her neck, a carpet bag, and some black shoes and the outfit is done. Here is where you buy everything:

Thanks for reading! Comment below letting me know which outfit you like best, and what you and your doll are going as for Halloween! (If you do Halloween)



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