Fall Styles

Hello! Rachel here!

So all of our moms went on a girls night out today, so we all got together and decided to do each other’s hair! It was lots of fun, and here are the results.

Blog 022

My style didn’t really show up because my hair is so dark and silky, but Felicity did a waterfall braid on me.

Blog 030

Blog 036

Side and front view. Now comes Kit, with a tiny rosebud bun in the back of her head.

Blog 027

Blog 029

Cecile has on a hippie headband with a big pink flower. I think that she pulled it off really well!

Blog 037

Blog 043

Felicity was wearing her traditional bun, but she did a crown braid on the side and added a cute bow.

Blog 047

Blog 051

And finally Saige, who is wearing a party ponytail. Oh, she wanted me to tell you that Felicity made her shorts, and do you like them?

Blog 053

Blog 058

Blog 055

Well, I hope you enjoyed our hairstyles! Let us know in the comments which one you like best!

Stay green!


P.S. Claire took the pictures because we cant really do anything with her hair:D


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