Fashion With Felicity-Back to School Style

Hello readers!

So yah, I know, I said that I would be doing these only once a month, but I had too much fun doing the last Fashion With Felicity post, and plus, this one is a little different. I am going to be showing you guys pictures of stuff that is on my back to school “sew list.” We go to a private school a few blocks down and we start school late and end school late each year. So, of course, there are back to school clothes to be had, and I like to sew some of mine! I LOVE sewing, in fact I sewed the outfit that we entered in The Doll Wardrobe’s Fashion Design Challenge, (we would love it if you would vote for us here, so these are some trends that I am hoping to finish up for me and Saige in the next week. Of course I wont get all of these done, but a girl can always hope, right? 😀


This cute black skirt has pretty gores and will go so well with many things! Of course, the human price is $345…so I think if my person wants one then she’ll just make one for herself, too!


While we don’t have any fabric like this, I still would love to make a dress with that same big, bold flower pattern on it. Pair this with this…


And these…


And you are good to go! Of course, I can’t make the shoes or the jacket as I am not that skilled, but the look is still fun:)


My person has these jogger pants and seeing them on her made me want some! I already have in mind a way to sew them , so we’ll see how that turns out! 🙂


This tank is very simple and looks very comfy. And tanks are easy to make:)


This super sweet skater dress has big bold stripes and a cotton candy pink color. I really like this dress because it can be dressed up and down!



Chunky Scarf! Perfect for fall and the blue is such a gorgeous color! ANd the sweater dress above it would look so pretty with leggings and boots.


And HAIR BOWS GALORE! Saige will most likely assist me in making lots of these because she enjoys crafting and likes hair stuff. Speaking of hair, here are a few back-to-school-hair styles that I will be doing.





So there is my planned back to school wardrobe! I will post mine and Saige’s pictures next week with what we ended up wearing to our first day of school!

Thanks for reading!



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