Making Messes

‘Sup! Saige here!

Me and Felicity are in the mood for baking right now and since we don’t have that much time to do that after school starts (which is very soon) we are venturing into the kitchen and are about to make some messes. Enjoy!

Emma camera 003

Saige: HI!!!!!

Felicity: Saige! You just wacked me!

Emma camera 006

Saige: No, I was waving. I accidently touched your lip. And please, get out of that battle stance!

Emma camera 008

Felicity: Fine. Anyways, I’ll get out the bowls and you get the ingredients.

Emma camera 012

Emma camera 015

Saige: First I combined the ingredients like Felicity told me to. I forgot to read the recipe, and put the sugar with the flour instead of the butter.

Felicity: Saige isn’t a very good cook so I decided to take over the actual “making” part for her;)

Emma camera 016

I put the butter in the bowl and skimmed some sugar off the top of the flour bowl.

Emma camera 017

Saige: OOOOOHHHH!!!! Close-up time!

Felicity: Saige stop.

Emma camera 018

Saige: CLOSER!!!!!!

Felicity: Saige, stop!

Emma camera 019


Felicity: *yanks camera out of Saige’s hands*  SAIGE! STOP! Sorry about that…never trust my sister with a micro-lens.

Emma camera 021

Felicity: Next we add some milk and cream it. I let Saige do it because I don’t like the feeling of squishy stuff in my hands.

Saige: Felicity, remember I’m running the post this time. You don’t have to act like you’re the boss of what I do.

Felicity: Saige…I was just explaining to them that you are creaming the butter!

Saige: Whatever. Anyways, here is me creaming the butter.

Emma camera 023

Saige: Don’t I look awesome?

Felicity: Saige, all you are doing is creaming butter and it doesn’t even show your head.

Saige: So? I still look awesome…just admit it. You are jealous because you can’t look as awesome as I do when I am creaming butter.

Felicity: Seriously? …whatever. Have some cookie dough on your face.

Emma camera 026

Saige: HA! She admits it! The villain even cowardly-y pours acid on the good-guy’s face! But JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!!!!! She will get revenge!

Felicity: Saige, this is not a comic book. We are making cookies.

Saige: The villain will not admit to her cowardly deeds! She must endure a long and painful suffering in the PIT OF LIGHTBULBS!

Felcity: Saige, pa-lease! What is so agonizing about a pit of lightbulbs?

Saige: HA! She will not recognize her fate as terrifying…she is trying to act strong in the face of…of…of…ok I’ll stop now.

Felicity: Thank you. Let’s resume. You narrate.

Emma camera 027

Saige: Next you add the dry mixture to the butter mixture.

Emma camera 028

Add in whatever flavoring you wish and stir.

Emma camera 029

We did snickerdoodle and peanut butter chocolate chip.

Felicity: I also let Saige make the balls of dough because the feeling of dough grosses me out.

Saige: I enjoy that feeling…it’s so squishy!

Emma camera 030

Saige: Felicity, can you please preheat the oven?

Felicity: Sure, hold on.

Emma camera 011

Emma camera 031

Felicity: Saige, the oven is ready! I’ll put them in!

Emma camera 033

We let them bake for 10 minutes, then took them out at their warm and still-slightly-gooey best.

Emma camera 035

Emma camera 036

Felicity: Saige, stop.

Saige: Closer!

Emma camera 037

Felicity: Saige, stop!

Saige: Humph. Fine.

Emma camera 038

Felicity: I like to dip my snickerdoodle in hot cocoa.

Saige: I Iike to dip my peanut butter cookie in hot cocoa.

Emma camera 041

AHHH! Just don’t let your goat eat them! Sombrita almost got one while I was taking a picture!

Live life and be brilliant!



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