Note From The Editor: Meet Me!

Hey peoples!

I thought that I should probably introduce myself to you since all you really know about me is my name…so here I am!

Beka and Emma July 2014 048

Yep! That’s me! Being my usual cray-cray self! Here is another one…

Beka and Emma July 2014 084

Ok, enough pictures of me. 😀

So I am 13, I live in Washington, and I am a homeschooled Christian girl:) I love snuggling my dog Toby, doing Pinterest, and crafting. Here is a link to my pinterest so that you can see what type of stuff I like.

I have four brothers and no sisters, a dog, two parakeets, and a lizard. My mom and dad own an RV rental business, so if you need to rent a trailer and you live in Washington, go here:) or North West Adventure Rentals.

I have four friends who share the same doll interest as me, so we like to get together and play. My birthday is July 17th, the same day as my dad. My siblings’ names are Caleb, (18) Ethan, (15) Josiah, (11) and Jeremy, (8). I am in the middle:)

My favorite color is gray, (does that make me an incredibly boring person?) my favorite animals are pandas and baby snow leopards, in my opinion spiders should be illegal, and my favorite food is Cheetos, my favorite desert is coconut ice cream (today it is, at least) and my favorite drink is an Italian soda. I also like eating frozen Cool Whip right out of the tub.

I love sewing, cooking, and photography, along with crafting of course. My favorite places to shop are Kohls, Justice, and Claire’s. I am kinda working on my bedroom right now but once it is done I will give you a room tour.

My full name is Emma Grace Higgins!

I guess that’s me!

Have a fantabulamazingistic day!


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