Our Favorites of the New BeForever Release Part 2

 Bonjour! Cecile speaking!

I am still rather in the depths of despair, as I have been discontinued rather recently, but I am a teensy weensy bit on the road to recovery. So I decided that I suppose I can JUST introduce this post today. Then I will be off. 

I am going to post Kit and Felicity’s things that actually they like on the beforever release, because that takes way less time then also posting the things that we don’t like. We already did Samantha’s stuff earlier, so we wont be posting those things here. 














Felicity speaking now:) Isn’t Cece dramatic? So these are all of the things that I like from the new release.  Let me just say that I am obsessed with Julie’s coat, and that mini kit is way too cute, and I love Rebecca’s new meet outfit, and I don’t like Kit’s summery outfit pieces together but they would make awesome separate’s. 










Kit speaking! So what I have to say is this. AG, I DID NOT give you permission to change my outfit so it’s a good thing that I like it! I am glad that my typewriter is back but I’m not paying that much for it, I want to get mini Kaya, and that egg chair is totally awesome. And the price may be a little high but it’s not overly awful since a pair of speakers can be more than that anyways. And also, my photographer outfit is good for separates, I just don’t like it together. Even if some stuff is pink. I think that it is strange how people have been saying that I would never even consider wearing anything pink EVER, just because I didn’t like my old pink bedroom. Pink is fine, it isn’t my favorite, and I don’t wear it a lot, but I don’t have this hatred for it either!  Oh and BTW, I look like mini mouse in my new polka dot outfit. 


What We Will Consider Buying:

Julie’s Coat

Mini Addy

Kit’s Accessories

Mini Kaya

Mini Julie AKA Bunny Rabbit Teeth


~Kit, Cecile, and Felicity

P.S. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway! 


One thought on “Our Favorites of the New BeForever Release Part 2

  1. I DO NOT AT ALL ENJOY that the new mini dolls have plastic, NOT CLOTH bodies! Although Mini Kit is ADORABLE!My friend claims I had coffee, but I think coffee is gross! (Don’t tell her I ate candy though, because don’t want her to figure out why I was literally just bouncing off my bedroom wall! When I have sugar ANYTHING is possible! 😛 )


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