Fashion With Felicity: For Fall

Hello readers! Felicity speaking!

So I decided to start a new monthly series call Fashion With Felicity…(thus the title) and basically I will post pictures of some clothing items or outfits that I have seen on various websites that I like, offer fashion advice, show you guys stuff that I would  wear, and try and find doll sized versions to match. Hope you enjoy! Since it is the beginning of fall and ending of summer, that will be our theme this month. 



This is a nice end-of-summer beginning-of-fall look. Just pair it with some brown boots and a olive cargo jacket for chillier days and you’re good to go. 



This tank isn’t exactly the same but it is very pretty:) This sells on Etsy here:



This adorable pair of boots is so versatile! It can go with dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, anything! Well, maybe not pajama pants, but that’s not expected;) I love the plaid on the inside, too. That adds an adorable touch. 





Now WHAT MORE OF A PERFECT MATH COULD THESE BE? I was so excited when I saw these that I almost squealed! OK, fine, I did:D And I had to include that other pair too, because they were just so adorable. You can get this pair her:

And the other pair here:




This outfit looks so cozy and pretty and I can just imagine that pair of boots on her feet…Saige has her sweater that looks a lot like that so I could borrow it, and I am planning to sew myself a denim skirt for school anyways! 






This skirt is a little but distressed, giving it a nice cowgirl look, and the sweater has that tribal print and drappy look.

You can find the sweater here:

And the skirt here:




This scarf looks SO cozy and warm but it is so stylish, too!


And this one even comes with a beanie! How cute is that? 

You can find it here:


Thank you for reading! 






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