We’re BACK! And a Givaway

Sup! Saige here!

We are SO GLAD TO BE BACK!!!!! It was kinda sad to not have time to write any posts for a whole week, but we made it through and are still alive:) So we have been busy with some of our own Dollie stuff in our absence, here is a list:

-Felicity and I are helping Mum redecorate the house. We only moved here about three months ago and have not had a very good chance to make things look nice:) We are working on mine and Felicity’s bedroom right now though, and we just got a new bed!

-Working on a giveaway

-Getting ready to go back to school, including back to school shopping

-having some last minute summer fun before it ends


So there you go! Any ways we are hopefully back to posting regularly. 


So now for the giveaway. We were having trouble deciding what to give away for the giveaway (haha) so we decided to let you guys help us choose. Me and Felicity and Clayre have browsed Pinterest and found these three items. 




This pretty braided boho headband is perfect for fall and will add a nice touch to many outfits:)




This dainty skirt has a sweet tiny little floral pattern and pleats, making it the perfect item to wear with boots and leggings for fall, with tights and flats for winter, or plain with a cute top for spring and summer. 




This scarf will also work for any season and will be a great addition to any doll’s wardrobe:)


To enter to win one of these items, leave a comment down below saying which one of these you like best. The winner will be drawn randomly and the item that that person chose will be made for them by me. 

To get bonus entries, you can:

-Like this post. You can only like my post if you have a wordpress blog. +2 entries

-Post on your blog about this giveaway +8

-Go and vote for my outfit, #5, at The Doll Wardrobe’s Fashion Design Contest, here: http://sm2014dwfashiondesignchallenge.blogspot.com/search/label/The%20Creamsicle%20Dollies    +10

-Nominate my blog for an award on your blog +10


Live life and be brilliant!







11 thoughts on “We’re BACK! And a Givaway

  1. A few questions: 1. Are you making or buying the prizes? 2. Are they doll size or human size? 3. If, human size how will you get our size if we get the skirt? (I will enter just as soon as I get my answers!)


    • Sorry if I didn’t make that very clear…but here are your answers.
      1. I will be making them as I think that this will be a good chance to show off my work before I open my etsy shop:)
      2. Doll sized, definitely!
      Sorry for the confusion:(


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