We Got Nominated For The LG Award!

Hi Peeps! Kit typing!

We got nominated for the LG Award by American Girl NorthWest and so we get to answer her questions and nominate 8 other people! Here goes. 

LG award

1. What doll was your first doll?  Why did you want her as your first doll?

Felicity as our person’s first doll, and she wanted her because she was kinda just a little obsessed with pretty dresses and horses, being an 8 year old girl:) 

2. Agoverseasfan or Basilmentos?

We don’t watch too many stop motions but when we do it is basilmentos:) She is SO amazing! But honestly they creep us out a little!

3. Are you excited about school, or not so much?

Our person just started today, and we are homeschooled. She was excited-ish bit now she cant wait for summer break. 

4. Do you have a WordPress account, or a blogger account?


5. Who is the last person you spoke to?

That’s a little creepy…but for me it was Clayre and for my person it was her mom. 

5. Who is the last person you spoke to?

Our person doesn’t, but she does have friends who are into dolls. 

7. Samantha or Molly?

Molly. I love her stuff! It was so much fun to look at in the catalogs and in person:) 

8. Did you enjoy answering these questions? 🙂


So I am going to nominate: 

Delightful World of Dolls

The Saltys

Pretty Lily

Treasured Friendships with a Flair

Country Doll Studios

Simply Dollighful

And whoever else wants to take this award.


These are my questions:

If you could bring back any retired AG, who would it be?

Have you ever talked to your dolls?

Which doll has your favorite personality?

Who was your first doll? 

What is your least favorite AG outfit?

What has been your favorite holiday AG outfit yet?

What is your favorite season for dressing in?

Where do you blog and what type of clothes do you do it in?



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