Note From The Editor-The Sunshine Award!

Hi Readers! Emma here! I just got nominated for the sunshine award by American Girl Northwest, (you can check out her awesome blog here, So I get to nominate some other people, state 5 facts about myself, and answer her questions! Yay! These are 5 facts about myself 1. I like watching scary movies. 2. […]

A Very Special Post

Hi peeps! Kit here! So I have something VERYVERYVERYVERYVERYVERY exciting to tell you today…but first I would like you to meet my little sister Hannah. Hannah is my youngest sister at the time, but she has something very special about her:) Hannah has been blind since birth, but she sees the world in such an […]

School Days

Hello Readers! Felicity here! We are SO sorry that we haven’t posted in a long time, but our person has been  very busy and hasn’t had time to take the pictures of us, so we couldn’t make one:( But yesterday we started school, and as we promised, here are our first day outfits. Enjoy the […]

Winner of the Giveaway!

Bonjour! Cecile speaking! So we randomly chose the winner of the giveaway yesterday…..drum roll please…. AG Chick! Congrats AG Chick! Thanks everybody for entering, and BTW, she has already contacted me back claiming her prize, so no “new” winner will have to be chosen this time:) Keep your eyes peeled for an all new giveaway […]

Making Messes

‘Sup! Saige here! Me and Felicity are in the mood for baking right now and since we don’t have that much time to do that after school starts (which is very soon) we are venturing into the kitchen and are about to make some messes. Enjoy! Saige: HI!!!!! Felicity: Saige! You just wacked me! Saige: No, I was waving. I accidently […]