BeForever Release-Our Opinions, part 1

Hi Peeps! Kit typing! So just to let you know, sadly we will be VERY VERY busy for  WHOLE WEEK…and wont be able to post for a that week:( Sorry! But to keep you happy, we are going to give you our opinions of the new BeForever release! It will be me and Felicity this time, since the others aren’t historicals and Cecile is too deep in despair, as she put it, to help us with it. She is really upset because she is officially gone from the AG website:( So here we go!




Kit: PINK!!!!!!!!! PINK!!!!! FRILLY!!!!!!! Oh, did I mention pink? haha So this dress is very pretty and girly which I think suits Samantha in her Victorian era, I’m just not a HUGE fan of overly pink and frilly…so yah. And I am SO glad that Samantha is back!!!!!! 

Felicity: This dress is very lovely and feminine, and I would wear it as an Easter dress if I had it. And I am also very glad that Samantha is back!



Kit: So the problem that I have with this whole release is that a lot of the stuff is not very historically accurate including these gladiator sandal-boot-pearly-shiny-things…the dress is-to me-just yuck, but it works for her. Except the gladiator sandal-boot-pearly-shiny-things. 

Felicity: Too much pink and purple, which makes it look a little like a bitty baby outfit. Maybe if they had done blue or green in replacement of one of the colors it would have been better. 



Kit: Well, you know what I’m gonna say so I wont even say it. Yes I will. PINK!!!!!!!!!! Wow. It’s a nice nightgown but please make it blue or yellow or something? I do like the slippers. They remind me of tinkerbell!

Felicity: Once again, very feminine and pretty and girly and pink and frilly…the list can go on! 🙂 



Kit: This looks so cozy! I love it! The design is very nice, and very Samantha. Wow, I was totally expecting this to pink and furry like an Easter bunny, but it wasn’t!! YAY!!!

Felicity: I also like this, but it isn’t something that I would wear. 



Kit: I like this! It’s red! And the tea set is a nice addition too. 

Felicity: I like this. The tea set is SO pretty and I wish it sold separately. 



Kit: This is so cute! I like the pants a lot because they look comfy…I just don’t like everything together:(

Felicity: I don’t like this at all…sorry!



Kit: EW!

Felicity: DITO!!!!!!




Kit: Not doing anything for me.

Felicity: Very lovely! Isn’t that brush a little small, though? It looks like it in the picture.



Kit: It is nice and detailed and very Victorian, that’s for sure. Oh, and pink.

Felicity: I want a bed like this! *whines*



Kit: DUDE…can I just say…AWESOME????

Felicity: Isn’t she a little young to be working in an ice cream parlor? haha:D This is so pretty and cool, though! I’m glad that they made it just so that I can LOOK at it, since we can NEVER afford this!!! 



Kit: eh

Felicity: I like the music box. And everything looks very Victorian. 





Kit: No thanks.

Felicity: This is very historically un-accurate, but it is still a pretty bike. And very barbie-ish. 


So we will post our opinions on the other stuff once our busyness is done, so keep your eye out for that! 


P.s. Once our busyness is done we will have a giveaway:) 




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