An Outside Fashion Show Photoshoot

Hey peeps! Kit here!

So today Felicity and Saige called me and my sister Clayre up and asked us if we could participate in a fashion show for a blog post…fashion shows aren’t really my thing but I agreed anyways because they wanted four people:) And it ended up being fun anyways because I only had to change my outfit once! So look at all of our outfits and then comment below saying which one you like best. The winner will be posted later. We were planning on setting up a stage but it was so nice outside that we had to do it out there!

 Saige goes first.


Emma camera 013

Saige is wearing a white cropped top, and Indian print drapey knit sweater, pleated denim shorts, and brown fringed sandals.


Emma camera 014

Emma camera 016

Emma camera 017


Here is where we got everything:

Sweater: Saige’s sweater outfit

Shirt: Handmade by Emma

Shorts: Hobby Lobby

Shoes: Saige’s sweater outfit


Now Felicity.


Emma camera 023

Felicity’s outfit looks sort of milk maidy, and consists of a grey ruched maxi dress, a crocheted cardigan, and a head handkerchief.

Emma camera 024

Emma camera 026

Emma camera 028

Emma camera 027


Dress: Homemade by Emma

Cardigan: This is a really old Pleasant Company cardigan and I have no idea what outfit from or what year…it says 1995 on the tag which is the year AG started, but I dunno…Emma’s mom found it with some other clothes on Ebay.

Head handkerchief: Homemade by Emma


Now for Me:


Emma camera 018

My outfit is a blue lace infinity scarf, a floral top, dark jeggings, and pink sneakers.


Emma camera 019

Emma camera 021

Emma camera 022


Scarf: Homemade by Emma

Top: Homemade by Emma’s mom

Jeggings: Saige’s sweater outfit

Shoes: Our Generation Puffy Vest outfit from Target


And Finally Clayre!


Emma camera 008


Clayre’s outfit is a grey distressed off shoulder knit top, a black knit dress, a lace bandeau, a brown beanie, and gold cowboy boots. She calls it her Fummer outfit because it is perfect for the end of summer and beginning of fall.


Emma camera 009

Emma camera 010

Emma camera 012


Top: Handmade by Emma

Dress: Handmade by Emma

Hat: Handmade by Emma

Shoes: Saige’s sparkle dress


There you have it! Make sure to comment down below saying which outfit is your favorite!






4 thoughts on “An Outside Fashion Show Photoshoot

  1. I love mine of course! I have a couple questions though… 1. Does Clayre only have one arm? 2. Did you repaint Kit’s lips?Fun Fact: She appears to have no have teeth, and Kaya is the only doll the American Girl company made without teeth.


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