Some Fun Stuff To Read

Hi Dollies! Rachel here!

So we have been very busy lately and haven’t been able to come up with a post yet, but we thought that we could always show you to some other fun posts that other bloggers have up! Enjoy!


Living A Doll’s Life has sneak peak pictures of the BeForever release from American Girl’s video. You can see them here:

American Girl Northwest has a gorgeous photo shoot of her new doll Jade, and you can see this here at

Fun With AG Fan has an awesome giveaway for a back to school doll set and you can enter it at

Oh My Dollies also has an awesome giveaway which you can enter at

Hope you enjoy these fun reads! Also, I’ve been looking for inspiration for my posts but have not had very many ideas lately. I would love it if you could comment below saying what you would like to see more of! Here area  few ideas that I have been thinking about doing:



-This or That


-Fashion Show

Thanks for reading and stay green!



4 thoughts on “Some Fun Stuff To Read

  1. Wow, all the new outfits are super cute! My only thing is Kits dress. I’m not sure that it really shows her personality, what do you think?


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