Garage Sales!

‘Sup! Saige here!

So today we decided to do some garage saling, sailing, however you spell that…and we invited Clayre and her mom to come as well. Kit was at Rachel’s house so she couldn’t come. But anyways, we took plenty of photos but just decided to post the two best garage sales.  

Emma camera 008

Mum, of course had to take pictures of us all before we shopped:D

Emma camera 009

Isn’t Felicity’s head band cute?

Emma camera 010

Emma camera 015

Emma camera 016

Clayre found a strange rock.

Emma camera 017

There was so much fun stuff at this garage sale!

Emma camera 018

Emma camera 023

Felicity found a vest just her size…

Emma camera 024

Meanwhile I tried to decide between a cute lunch box and an ice cream cone purse.

Emma camera 025

Clayre’s Mom saw potential in this beat up ladder, of course!

Emma camera 033

In the end, we left with the everything but the gray blanket, pot, and the ladder. Those were Clayre’s and her mom’s. Next we headed over to another one just down the road.

Emma camera 036

And they had DOLL FURNITURE!!!!! I had been needing some for Ivy, so since I was the only one in the group who had a doll (so far) I got all of it to myself:)

Emma camera 040

Sometimes garage sales have really weird things. Like one sock.

Emma camera 042

Clayre bought the lamp and I bought the other stuff. All in all, we had lot of fun garage sailing or saling, and once we were done we went home and made pies!

Emma camera 044

A blackberry, a chocolate, and an apple. I had apple, Felicity had blackberry, and Mum had chocolate. I don’t like chocolate and I was tired of blackberries from all the picking we have done.

Live life and be brilliant!



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