Here we go a picken’

Hello Readers! Today after Mum took us shopping for new school clothes, we were reading some blogs and saw one post about picking berries…so we decided that we should go do that ourselves! Enjoy the pictures:)

Emma camera 001

Emma camera 002

Emma camera 006

Emma camera 003

Emma camera 007

Emma camera 012

“Saiiiiiige!” I yelled over to the spot where she was picking “By the time that I’ve put one blackberry in the jar, you’ve eaten 25!”

Emma camera 010

“I’m just making sure that they don’t get wasted by the birds. It’s better that we enjoy them now instead of them, right?”

Emma camera 013

“Well, do that by putting them in the jar so that we can make cobbler.”

Emma camera 004

She just looked at me and ate another blackberry.

Emma camera 018

Emma camera 015

Emma camera 019

Emma camera 021

Emma camera 022

Emma camera 024

Emma camera 028

Emma camera 030

Emma camera 032

(Wow, this pic makes my hair look really big!)

Emma camera 033

Emma camera 038

Emma camera 046

Emma camera 039

Emma camera 047

Emma camera 040

Emma camera 048

Emma camera 050

In the end we couldn’t help ourselves and made blackberries and cream instead of saving the blackberries for cobbler. This happens every year, so it’s turned into a tradition. We tell ourselves that we are going to save them to make something, but then we break down because blackberries with cream is so good.

So today we went shopping for back to school clothes, even though our school doesn’t start until a month. We go to a private school just a few blocks away, and they end school late and start school late. So we are making the most of this one month of freedom left:)

Thanks for reading!



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