Doll Recipe: A Creamsicle Craft

Bonjour! Cecile speaking!

So since yesterday was National Creamsicle day and we only found that out in the late evening, we decided to extend the holiday by a day. So today we have a fun Creamsicle drink for you to enjoy.

You will need a communion cup or just an empty small container that will work for a doll. Fill that with batting or cotton, just like this.

Emma camera 001

Drizzle some orange paint over the top and work it in with your fingers. Then sprinkle some tiny pieces of paper on top, or you can even use human sprinkles like I did. In the end you have this…

Emma camera 009

Or this…

Emma camera 008

This is based on this drink…


But you can always change this around a little to make it your own desert or drink. Think something like this,


or even something totally different like a cake pop!


I found this image that looks like it is made just for dolls, so you could do this out of clay too! Note: These are not made by me or are my images.


   Have fun crafting!

Au Revoir,


P.S. I have some news to share with you guys, so hopefully that can be up in Monday! Stay tuned!


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