Our Opinions on AG’s New Release Part 3!

‘Sup! Saige here! Today we have our opinions on AG’s new accessories and furniture from the latest release. Enjoy!



Saige: I think that this is an AWESOME bed. I love all the detail, and the accessories that come with it.

Felicity: Who has a blue bed? It is cool…



Saige: I definitely like the modern design in this dresser, but I have never seen a pink dresser in my life. Once again, the accessories are awesome. Honestly though, I would have made this a plain wood or white. Even grey would be nice.

Felicity: THIS I like. I would have this in my bedroom. I know that I have never seen a pink dresser before either, but this time it works. And that alarm clock is so neat!



Saige: I like the tent a lot, but it looks like it would be super hard to put two dolls in. And it isn’t very realistic. I wish that they made tents with girly colors and flowers! Besides the indoor play tents, that is!

Felicity: Dito…but the lantern is neat.



Saige: THEY COPIED MY HOT AIR BALLON BINOCULARS!!!!! It’s a cool set, though! The trail mix looks yummy!

Felicity: I love that beanie! It look so cute for an outfit that I would wear to my ballet classes! And the pins and stuff on it are very realistic, too!



Saige: I really like this sleeping bag because it reminds me of sunsets in Albuquerque, back when we lived there! 😦

Felicity: I like it too, for the same reason.



Saige: This is the one thing that we have bought so far from this new release, and they are SO COOL! The feel so silky and work so well…just read the directions very carefully before you put them in because I had a little trouble, then realized that I wasn’t doing what it was telling me to!

Felicity: These are so pretty, and I’m not even really into the whole high light thing! Just so you know, lots of people wonder why they are called jewel highlights of they don’t have jewels in them, and it is because they are the colors of sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts.



Saige: *Awkward silence* Um…why?

Felicity: Uh…cant wait to see how much money they make off of these! hehe



Saige: Let me just say…AWESOME!!!!! The oven looks so real and it is ADORBS in person!

Felicity: This is super neat:) I like the cantaloupe.



Saige: This is cute! I’m glad that they offered it separate from he storage tower. We were tempted to buy this but went with the highlights instead;)

Felicity: Same here!



Saige: EW!

Felicity: *Gasps and looks away* Yuck! I like the watch itself, just not the band!!!!! Xb



Saige: Um, excuse me AG, but did you know that watches are SUPPOSED TO TELL TIME??? Where are the numbers????!!!!

Felicity: It looks like a happy meal toy…



Saige: These are super cute:) I love the Dalmatians face!

Felicity: I want these! They might be coming home someday!



Saige: I like these because they look very artsy, but I like the other ones better.

Felicity: Yah, they are very cute!



Saige: *sobs* I’m not special any more! Now everybody can have a ring…:'( OK I guess that I should be happy for you all…at least they aren’t as awesome as mine…:D

Felicity: They look a little dollar-store-party-favor-ish, but I actually really like them!



Saige: This is sweet, but where did the cute water bottle go? The backpacks are worsening with time, if you ask me…

Felicity: I like this:)


Well, there you have our opinions! Next time we will do bitties, so stay tuned!!!

Live life and be brilliant!














4 thoughts on “Our Opinions on AG’s New Release Part 3!

  1. I agree with everything except, I don’t like the set with the trail mix. I don’t know why I just don’t like it. Also I think the cantaloupe looks wooden and fake to me. The rings are cute, but what finger do you put them on, plus they don’t look like they will last long. Lastly, the earring tree you made is WAY cuter and WAY less expensive. Out of all the reviews you’ve done so far I do agree with you on a lot of stuff.


  2. Sorry, Molly SHOULDN’T BE ON MY ACCOUNT TODAY! And (Hint, hint Molly) Today is Felicity’s day to use the computer! Why can’t my dolls listen to me!


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