Our Opinions of AG’s New Realease, Part 2!

‘Sup! Saige here, with mine and Felicity’s opinions on the MAG clothing this time! So is it just me or does this clothing release look like AG handed a bunch of clothes over to some little kids and let them draw on them with markers? Just saying…doesn’t mean I don’t like all of it;)



Saige: I really love this outfit, especially the nerd glasses on coco and the shoes! It all goes very nicely together.

Felicity: I don’t care for this one, it looks like something a five year old would wear. No offense…



Saige: I like the look of the pajamas, but I don’t like the color and pattern mix.

Felicity: I love those moccasins! And that shirt! And those pants! Just not together…



Saige: I love those shoes but the dress is weird.

Felicity: Same here! I need those shoes!



Saige: Now I love most of this, but I don’t like the top with it…and those shoes are SO cool in person!

Felicity: I would totally wear those leggings but I don’t care for anything else…I’m not a huge fan of glitter, only in some things:)



Saige: Yuck.

Felicity: Yuck.



Saige: I like how the fringe boots are different from anything AG has done before. And I like the belt and the shorts, but like the rest of the new MAG clothing, there is that one piece that doesn’t really work…

Felicity: I LOVE this outfit! I would so wear it! Especially those boots…



Saige: I’m not into the whole cheerleading thing…but I like the spandex shorts!

Felicity: I really like this:) I used to be a cheerleader at school, but I dropped out. I do like the old one better, though.



Saige: I love this, I just wish that they had done different colors.

Felicity: Well, I like the bottom of the skateboard…



Saige: This is awesome! It should include more, though…

Felicity: Not so much into it;)



Saige: This is so cute!!!!! I like the mix and match potential with the clothing! And it’s just plain old fun! I mean, who doesn’t want to dress up like a cute little bumblebee? OK, Felicity wouldn’t, but…

Felicity: This is so cute!!!! For a three year old…:)

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