Greetings fellow space aliens!

So toady was one of the days that my sister, Kit, and I actually got along, so we decided to sit down and play with her miniatures. She has a collection of just fun little things and we make them talk in high squeaky voices…anyhoo, it’s kinda cool. These are them.


Emma camera 018


Aren’t they cute? I like these ones best.


Emma camera 001


These are Kit’s that she chose to play with. You can see some more in the top right corner.


Emma camera 002


This one is named Snickerdoodle…it is both of our favorites but it was her turn to have it today.


Emma camera 006


These are our second favorites, the army man and the calico critter. Buffy, and Joseph.


Emma camera 011 Emma camera 013


Here is me:)


 Emma camera 007


So yah! Hope you enjoyed my post!

Cheerio! (Not the cereal)







5 thoughts on “Miniatures!

  1. I love making miniatures out of clay, and anything I can find around the house, such as bottle caps or ANYTHING! Your’s are SO CUTE though!


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