A Tour of the Garden and a Picnic!

Hi dollies! Rachel here!

Today I am going to give you tour of our person’s garden!

Emma camera 001


So we have lettuce in this garden box. Some of it is still really tiny…


Emma camera 003


And some of it is really big and my person and her family is eating it right now!


Emma camera 005


Next we have green beans…look, I found one just my size! hehe


Emma camera 006


And then there is this one, which is small to the people, but this would be the world’s largest green bean to us!


Emma camera 007


And BEHOLD!!! A sunflower in all of it’s radiant beauty!!!!!


Emma camera 015


Emma camera 016


I love close-ups:)


Emma camera 012


Here we have carrots. And next is tomatoes!


Emma camera 020

Emma camera 022

TOMATO SELFIE!!!!! Never heard of one before? That’s because I just invented it:) It will be “the thing” in 2015, most likely!!! I like this next pic of me.


Emma camera 017

We also have grapes!


Emma camera 030


Here are a few of our flowers.


Emma camera 024

Emma camera 027

Emma camera 033


So there you have our garden! Actually, that is only half of it…but you saw the really exciting stuff! And then there are our four flower gardens…but I will save those to maybe post another time:)
So when I got back to our house, I called up my bff, Kit, and we decided to meet at the park for a picnic. After I changed out of my clothes into a dress, I headed to the park and she was already there, setting up a picnic blanket.


Emma camera 041

I joined her on the blanket and we talked for a little while.


Emma camera 043


Then she got up to prepare the lunch she had brought. She had a ham and cheese sandwich, and I had a cheese and lettuce. I’m a vegetarian so I don’t eat meat:)


Emma camera 053


I poured vegetable juice.


Emma camera 055


And we sat back down and enjoyed our lunch. Oh, and brownies:) Here are a few extra pictures that we took of the picnic.

Emma camera 058

Emma camera 059

Emma camera 061

Emma camera 048

Emma camera 065

Emma camera 063


Thanks for reading!

Stay Green!












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