Our Thoughts on AG’s Latest release Part 1

       Hi Dollies! So since our pictures aren’t loading we decided to do a post that doesn’t use our pictures…but AG’s! So, presenting to you …our thoughts on AG’s newest release!



Saige: I love the new version of Coconut! He is so sweet and life like! And I love that they brought back the magnetic mouth and toy…

Felicity: I have a thing for fluffy white dogs so yes, I adore him. I don’t have a preference to the new or older version, though.



Saige: This dog isn’t my fave…he reminds me of an elf…haha:)

Felicity: Dito



Saige: Eh…

Felicity: I.AM. IN. LOVE. Look at his face!!!!!!!!



Saige: I really love this puppy! I like that they didn’t copy one of their old dogs with this one:) I would consider buying him.

Felicity: This dog doesn’t speak to me that much. I look at him and see…”oh, dog!” instead of, “Cute!”



Saige: OK, AG, first of all, change his pose. Tell me, what does it look like he is doing? I won’t say it, but I think we all know…

Felicity: I don’t like him…yuck:( Sorry puppy!



Saige: *Dies from cuteness overload* I need that cat! Like, this is an actual need!




Saige: Bleh, not a fan of the princess theme. In fact, I’m not gonna post the rest of the princess stuff cuz Me nor Felicity likes it:D

Felicity: Dito



Saige: LOVE!!!!! It makes me want to wear a collar!!!!!

Felicity: It’s not my fave, but I do like the fading color thingy..



Saige: it’s cute, that’s all:)

Felicity: LOVE!!! Yes, I’m quoting my own sister…




Saige: This is awesome! I love the design and the thought that AG put into it!

Felicity: This is awesome!



Saige: We don’t like any of the pet outfits, so we aren’t posting those. But this is super cute, I just wish that they had done more real-life colors!

Felicity: Dito



Saige: This is fun, but it doesn’t look very easy to use…like, it looks rather flimsy to wash an animal in! I like the soap though!

Felicity: I like the rubber ducky.



Saige: We didn’t do the pet food either, cuz it looks too fake! I LOVE this pet bed!!!!!

Felicity: It is very bright! I like the design, just not he pattern. A lavender would have been nice.



Saige: This is super cute, but what pet uses a pillow? I would use it for my bed!!!! I would consider getting this.

Felicity: I LOVE this!!!!!! I think that Sombrita would, too!




Saige: I like it sorta, but what do you use the stickers on??

Felicity: This is cute, I would get it for Sombrita if it were cheaper…


There you have part one! Hopfully we can have a post with our pictures up tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

Live life and be brilliant!





















3 thoughts on “Our Thoughts on AG’s Latest release Part 1

  1. I agree on almost everything, first I do NOT like the new Coconut nor do I like the last collar. To me the last collar looks like a human bracelet, a dog should NOT be wearing. I agree on most else though.


  2. I don’t like many of the pet outfits either. Except for that red one the Dalmatian models. That one I think is pretty adorable! But I doubt I’ll get it 😉


  3. I LOVE AG’S ENTIRE RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LO- -dies of awesomeness exposure- – AnonymousA


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