A Summer Day for Cecile

Bonjour! Ce’ce’ here!

Here is a normal summer day in the life of me:)

So I wake up on a schedule at 8:00, by my maid.

Emma camera 002

Emma camera 005


She has laid out an outfit for me already, but first I eat my breakfast in bed.


Emma camera 009

I have toast, oatmeal, (which I always feed to my cat, shhh…and my Mama always wonders why my kitty is so plump…:)) a mini cinnamon roll, berries, orange juice, and tea. I never eat all of it though, that’s too much food:) Once I am dressed and brushed and washed, I have my singing lessons with my tutor, Lilianna. Then I do music lessons on paper.


Emma camera 012

Emma camera 017


Luckily, Saige will usually come and rescue me from the boring lessons just in the nick of time. I love singing, just not the paperwork that you have to do along with it.


Emma camera 020


We like to get out my huge bin of dress up clothes and pretend that we are in a fashion contest. What do you think we are going to do with these pieces of cloth? Comment below and I will post who is right on Friday!


Emma camera 023

Emma camera 025


I came out later in a Regina outfit from Once Upon a Time.


Emma camera 026

Emma camera 028


Then Saige came out as something…I couldn’t tell but I didn’t want to be rude and ask her what she was:)


Emma camera 029


Then I dressed up as a southern belle, in my favorite pink froofy dress.


Emma camera 031


We decided then to be done and just sit and chat.


Emma camera 035


My maid came in later and told me that Mum had just called from a friend’s house and suggested that I take a rest before dinner. That is a nice way of saying to rest before dinner:) So I showed Saige out the door and I lay down for a while.


Emma camera 036


When I woke up, there was my dinner dress waiting for me, so I put it on and went to dinner.


Emma camera 038

Emma camera 040


Tonight for dinner we had roast Turduken with caviar, potato pave’, and vegetable cream puffs. I skipped out on the cat food caviar, but everything else was delicious.  Her is Papa carving the Turdukon.


Emma camera 041


After Dinner, I went back to my bedroom to change once again. Mama and Papa always accompanies me in the gardens after dinner, sometimes we play golf, but not this time. We just strolled and talked.


Emma camera 045


Once dusk started to settle, I returned to my bedroom and dressed in my night shift. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and did all the other getting-ready-for-bed things.


Emma camera 048


Then I went to bed:)


Emma camera 052


Au Revoir!


P.S. I don’t have a buggar on my nose, that is a scar because my maid dropped me as a baby:)








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