The Fudgesicle Award!

    Hi peeps! Kit speaking…

So we have created an award for ya’ll to enjoy…THE FUDGESICLE AWARD!!! And yes, for those of you who have read our profiles on the “Meet Us” page, this award is named after our fellow fudgsicles, our friends who don’t live on Creamsicle Street, but are still awesome people. So…presenting the Fudgesicle Award!




So how an award works: I am going to choose 6 blogs that I think are really awesome, and I nominate these blogs, which is presenting the award to them. Then I write up some questions for them to answer, and once they get the award and answer my questions, they choose 6 of their own blogs to nominate and make up their own questions. So, if you see your blog name on my list, please take the award and answer the questions, then nominate your own six!

So, I am nominating:

Abigail, from Live Laugh Dolls

Carli, from American Girl Northwest

Jaclynn, from Little House of American Girl 

Amaya, from Fun With AG Fan

Dolly Dorm Diaries, from Dolly Dorm Diaries:)

Shelby Grace, from Oh My Dollies


So, there ya’ have it!

Now, here are my questions for yall’s to answer.


 What is your relationship to your dolls? Mother, friend, owner, etc…

If you could have three more dolls instantly added to your collection, who would they be?

Which Disney princess are you most like, in your opinion and others?

If you watch TV, what is your favorite show and movie?

Polka dots or stripes?

If you had to get rid of all but one doll, which one would you keep?

Which AG doll do YOU look most like?

What is your experience with the whole “Too old for dolls” thing?

Thank you for reading and please don’t be hurt if I didn’t nominate you…trust me, it was a hard choice! Come back tomorrow for “A Summer Day for Cecile”!







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