Dollie Craft: Make Yourself an Earing Tree!

      Greetings fellow space aliens dollies! We have had some requests for crafts, so we decided to show you how to make a totes adorbs earing tree…and it’s like totally easy too! So…let’s get started already.

Supply list:

Craft foam

Canning jar lid





Random thingamajigger

(Ask an adult before you these items)


So first you draw out your tree shape on a piece of foam…I used green but you can use any color.


Emma camera 010


You cut that out, then trace it onto foam three more times and cut those out. You will have four. (Duh)


Emma camera 012


You glue these all together, making sure to match all of the tree curves with each other. Thus, you have to be very careful to cut precisely along the lines when cutting.


Emma camera 013


Next, you find a small round useless object, and dip that in paint with an adults permission. Then you spot the tree!


Emma camera 015


   Once you find a random thingamajigger lying around the house, you will use that a s a tree trunk. Here are some ideas.


Emma camera 016


I decided to go with the white cap thingy, so I painted it green.


Emma camera 017


Then I got the small canning jar lid, and painted it green too.


Emma camera 019


That will be the base to keep it balanced on wherever your doll puts it.  While these are drying you take your dry tree and poke holes in it with a needle, wiggling the needle around to make the holes bigger. Then you insert the earrings. It should be kind hard to put in, but that ensures that they wont fall out:)


Emma camera 021


Emma camera 022


   Once the rest of the stuff is dry, you glue the trunk to the tree, and the trunk-n-tree to the base. I used hot glue, but you should have an adult’s permission to use it as it hurts pretty bad when it burns you. You can also use Elmers glue-the kind in the bottle, not the stick. 


Emma camera 023Emma camera 025


And there you have your earing tree!


Emma camera 027


Emma camera 030


Tee da! If you have pics of your own earing tree that you made, you can send them to me and I will post them! My email address is in the “Contact Me” section.

Cheerio! (Not the cereal)







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