A Day in the Life of Felicity

Hello beautiful readers!

This is a normal summer day for me! You can read Saige’s day here:


Anyhoo…I wake up at about 9:45 each summer morn… Mum is gone at work already. She works because Father is in the military and deployed right now…( So yes, we are army brats.)

This is what I sleep underneath.

Emma camera 003


You can see my dainty hand. I think that untidy rooms are rather romantic. And I am a romantic at heart.


Emma camera 008


I arise and make myself a smoothie for breakfast…


Emma camera 016


Then wash my face with my pretty pitcher of water…it’s a very important part in having a beautiful complexion.


Emma camera 011


And do some yoga. Sometimes Saige joins me. Don’t tell her I said this, but she is very bad at it.


Emma camera 013


Then I will choose a good ballet ensemble for my dancing. I take ballet at the Seattle Dance Center for Dolls. Today is Thursday, though, and we don’t go then.


Emma camera 021


My room gets more untidy:) I will do some more stretches and some ballet too, for about two hours.


Emma camera 025


Then I will go and feed my adorable little pygmy goat, Sombrita. I will give her a strawberry sometimes, because they are very dear to her heart.


Emma camera 028


Doesn’t she have the dearest little face? She will usually jump up to the camera!


Emma camera 032


She also loves Mother’s geraniums…which isn’t a very good thing.


Emma camera 033


Once I play with her for a little while, I will go inside and practice applying my makeup.


Emma camera 034


I’m not very good at it though, so I like to call Clayre and ask her to walk over and help me:)


Emma camera 037


She usually gets distracted by my sweet little Sombrita, though, and we forget about my makeup…instead we take selfies of her and my goat.Emma camera 039


Then she will realize how messy my room is and insist that I clean it. I always explain hat messy rooms are romantic, and that I don’t want to clean it. So she odes it because she is a neat freak. I know that “freak” is a very unromantic word but it is the only way to explain her.


Emma camera 051


And this is after she is through. Don’t clean rooms look so lonely, or is it just me?


Emma camera 052


We will mess around a little and then she has to leave. We have a tradition where we do really awkward hugs…this time she gave me the “who is this random person hugging/strangling me?”


Emma camera 054


Mum will prepare dinner, this time we had toasted cheese. It’s rather unromantic because you always have to wipe your buttery fingers, and Saige licks hers. It’s still yummy though.


Emma camera 056


Then I will dance with Saige after one of us does dishes, until we get worn out and lye down on her bed. She usually falls asleep so I wake her up and say goodnight and go to bed myself. Sometimes I watch a movie or read in bed. Then I fall into a deep and lingering sleep…once again in this very unromantic position.


Emma camera 003


Thank you for reading! Come back tomorrow for a fun craft!


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12 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Felicity

  1. Did you make that smoothie? If so, are you holding the beads down with something? If so on that how? If you didn’t make it, where did you get?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its’ so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


  2. I also LOVE how you give your dolls a personality, like Cecile says, “Bonjour”, Saige says, “Sup”, and Felicity says, “Hello”.


  3. I might do a post on that later:) Just to keep you in suspense..,just kidding, I just need to think a little more on the etsy idea because if I do sell them I might not want to have a tutorial on how to do it…hope you understand:) I will give it some thought though.


  4. I completely under stand, because why would someone buy something if they could make it. Like, how, American Girl is selling attachable braids. Why not braid your own doll’s hair! I can’t wait to see how much money they make off of that! XD


  5. Haha…I live in Seattle Washington but I am a brit at heart:) I love how British talk, with all the “bloody brilliants” “freakins” and of course, mum:) I picked up the habit from watching Sherlock, so my dolls picked it up too.


  6. I know how you feel… I’ve been trying to speak even close to British, for quite a while know. But so I don’t offend everyone (British or not) in the world, with my TERRIBLE British, for now I stick to my PERFECT American accent XD I wish I lived in England (or any where near there for that matter). Have a good weekend!


  7. We may have the same name but the only similarity in our day is that we like awkward hugs!
    Who I hope is Julia’s favorite doll,


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