A Day of Saige


‘Sup! Saige here! SO, I was thinking what better way to introduce our lives to you then have each of us go through a normal summer day for us? I will start.

So…I usually sleep until 10:30 in the morning. Mum is gone at work already. She works because our dad is in the military and deployed right now. That makes me and Felicity ARMY BRATS!!!



Emma camera 011


Yah, that’s me asleepXD

Emma camera 026


So, I wake up and demonstrate my emotional and physical devotion to my pillow. Then I make breakfast.


Emma camera 126


Once that is finished, I usually find Felicity and practice Yoga with her. She’s like…Yes! I can lye flat and touch my toes! I’m like…Yes! I can NOT lye flat and touch my knees! I’m not very good at Yoga:)


Emma camera 059


After that I will shower and blow-dry my hair  and get into my clothes again because I forgot that I was gonna take a shower and already got dressed:) I AM wearing a towel in this pic, FYI:)


Emma camera 028


Usually I browse Pinterest for hairstyles and try my best to copy them..


.Emma camera 032Emma camera 041


This one turned out pretty good:) It looks nice with the purple highlight in my opinion:) Pretty soon I get my artsy craftsy urge going and decide to do some crafts.


Emma camera 061


Usually I will go see if Cecile is home and bring Ivy with me. She usually is, so we like to play dolls in her AWESOME back yard. Her parents are rich so they have a nice house!


Emma camera 065

Emma camera 071


And I spend half the time coveting her awesome sunglasses:)




Emma camera 072


She has a scar on her nose, not a buggar. She wanted me to tell you that somebody dropped her as a baby:) Sorry if I grossed you out…So after an hour or two I go home and Felicity tells me to clean my room. I roll my eyes at her but do it anyway because it makes Mum happy.


Emma camera 084


Then I watch a movie and/or play on my tablet.


Emma camera 083


Mum gets home pretty soon and I hug her and we have dinner. She is VERY camera shy, so she doesn’t want me to show her face. So this is kind of an awkward pic:D


Emma camera 087


Emma camera 089


Then Felicity does dishes cuz it’s her turn, and after she is finished we dance on my bed to music. Teriyaki, my dog, likes to dance with us.

Then we are so tired we plop down and lye there until Felicity wakes me up and says goodnight.


Emma camera 107

Emma camera 117

Emma camera 121


And then I fall asleep again in a heap of stuff.


Emma camera 125


Good night! Stay tuned for “A Day in the Life of Felicity”

Live life and be brilliant!





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