A Summer Day for Cecile

Bonjour! Ce’ce’ here! Here is a normal summer day in the life of me:) So I wake up on a schedule at 8:00, by my maid.   She has laid out an outfit for me already, but first I eat my breakfast in bed.   I have toast, oatmeal, (which I always feed to my […]


‘Sup! Saige here! We have 8 followers and 250 page views as of right now! Thank you all for your awesomeness…we have had the blog up for almost two weeks and we are astounded at how it has taken off! And also, two more followers and we can have the necklace giveaway:)    Live life and […]

The Fudgesicle Award!

    Hi peeps! Kit speaking… So we have created an award for ya’ll to enjoy…THE FUDGESICLE AWARD!!! And yes, for those of you who have read our profiles on the “Meet Us” page, this award is named after our fellow fudgsicles, our friends who don’t live on Creamsicle Street, but are still awesome people. So…presenting […]

Dollie Craft: Make Yourself an Earing Tree!

      Greetings fellow space aliens dollies! We have had some requests for crafts, so we decided to show you how to make a totes adorbs earing tree…and it’s like totally easy too! So…let’s get started already. Supply list: Craft foam Canning jar lid Paint Glue Needle Scissors Random thingamajigger (Ask an adult before you these […]

How to Follow 2.0

‘Sup! Saige here!  So I made a post earlier on how to follow, but…*sheepishly* I was wrong!!!! So you are actually going to see a little button down on the lower right corner of the blog. It will say something like “+follow” or “follow+” and you click on that, then just enter your email address. […]